Easter Weekend Outlaw Reading

Flipping through some back issues of Tree Killer Ink. Really like Todd Moore’s essay that kicked off Issue No. 1. “The Sign of the Outlaw” is a treatise on the ritual of “the middle finger” – and a light paean to the Outlaw School of Poetry, of which Moore was a key figure.

The anecdotes guiding the essay are sharp. The mixture of edgy poems with scholarly-tinged analysis is an effective form for the subject matter. And you’ll actually learn something before it’s done.

(Works as a good mission statement for publisher Epic Rites as well.)

See: http://www.epicrites.org


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  1. Anonymous

    I remember when Moore sent me that essay. He said that it had "Epic Rites all over it." ???The middle finger, the bird, the fuck you wave is maybe the purest sign of the outlaw that I know of. Even more than the gunfinger, it is an expression of hate, joy, and everything that ranges in between. Aristophanes may have invented giving the finger, but the Outlaw Poets are working hard to perfect it. It???s the one pure poem we all give back to chaos. It???s the twenty seventh letter of the alphabet. Use it bravely. Give it with style.??? – Todd Moore, from ???The Sign Of The Outlaw,??? Tree Killer Ink #1http://www.epicrites.org/middle-fingers.htmlR.I.P. Thanks Domesday Notebook!

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