Literary Archaeology Pt. 1

What a disappointment. You’ve clicked through to a great looking site that has gobs of reviews, links, news, free e-chaps and more. But the links don’t work. The .PDFs have evaporated into the ether. The last issue from the RSS feed went out 17 months ago.

Such seems the case with The Agora Review, an electronic journal with a sparse but compelling green-o-chromatic schematica layout and linked full of interviews, reviews and printable broadsheets and chapbooks.

Well, the reviews, essays and interviews are still accessible. Check out “The blort of the Matter”, an entertaining poetry/essay hybrid by Clare Lacey, for example. Or dig through the big archive of small press reviews to discover buried treasure from the last three years or so.

Unfortunately, promised broadsheets and chapbooks now only get you a 404 page, and the last addition to the site of any kind seems to have been from June 2010.

Still, worth (slightly) dusting off at:


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