Literary Archaeology Pt. 2

An on-line journal purporting to focus on the “renegade art form” of the chapbook through “insightful reviews, provocative essays, and engaging interviews” certainly sound like a good way to fill a “critical gap”. Certainly sounds good for lovers of the bastard offspring of the publishing industry, at any rate. And that’s the mission that The Chapbook Review promises to fill.

Or promised to. Unfortunately, the Review is now the on-line version of a ghost town. The architecture is still there, however, the only recent and archived articles in evidence are the equivalent of an overgrowth of wild flora. That is, the content consists of brief, anonymous, semi-literate reviews of iPads, Kindles and electronic cigarettes; things any self-respecting chapbook aficionado would have no truck with.

Not sure what happened to the promise of the site, but it seem(ed)s like a good idea. Perhaps someone will reclaim the property and build it up again…

( for the curious)


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