How Many Poets Can You Fit Inside a Matchbook?

21, actually. Plus a few illustrations.

That’s what you get in the latest issue of Matchbook, a poetry review bound, literally, in old matchbooks. Our copy came in one from the “Vista Restaurant” in Phoenix, Arizona, with a 1960s flavour to it.

Offset printed with letterpressed images, Matchbook is a well-produced little curiosity. And the poetry inside isn’t bad either. Obviously, in a format like this, brevity rules. “Cerise” by Kate Lebo packs a well-crafted wallop in a dozen words, and “Our Talk” by Greg Weiss is a thick snack of imagery.  Some of the pieces are excerpts from longer poems that, not surprisingly, feel as though they are missing some meat. But that trade-off is a given in a format experiment where there is but a 2 inch by 1.5 inch canvas with which to work.

Take a small peek at:



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