A Read of PigeonBike’s Beyond The Broken Bridge

Beyond The Broken Bridge, PigeonBike; Summer 2011 (16 pages)

mclennan, Lifshin, Place, Locklin, Kemp, Reardon, Yamrus, Sexton…

That’s Beyond the Broken Bridge – the latest print edition of the PigeonBike continuum – in a nutshell. Or a namedrop. Rhyming off some of the well-known writers featured in this issue should give one a sense of what lies within. That is, you will get some strong and edgey lyricism via free verse bent to accentuate the subject matter. Some poems interact with the “broken bridge” theme directly. Others leverage the image into a more abstract sense of loss or disruption or mystery. All hang together well enough to create a gently haunting atmosphere.

And there’s a bunch more names as well – some familiar, some new, but all with a similar vibe and style to deepen the read.

Carstens, Raymond, Davies, Dorsey, Galletta, Blakeslee…

Reach ’em all at http://www.PigeonBike.com


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