New Year’s Resolution (Part 1)

Acting on our New Year’s Resolution to catch up on some reading, first up is Fluorescent Stilts For Your Uncle. Despite the new name, Fluorescent is actually the second year of the Epic Rites Press serial Tree Killer Ink, now under the editorial blade of poet Rob Plath. It may be an indie press review by another name, but this magazine is still stropped to a fine edge, with rattling (both sonically and through the use of cudgel-hard imagery) works of poetry like John Sibley Williams’ “Bone” or Plath’s own blood, sweat and blood lyrics. Based on a read of Fluorescent’s first two issues, Plath certainly isn’t trying to smash the frame of this publication so much as tug at the edges and widen the angles, with, say, some fairly substantial prose from the usually stripped-to-the-sinew John Yamrus here, or a bit of trippy surrealist blues from John Macker there. The artwork adds just the right (blackly) comic relief as well.

The continued growth and expansion of this review will be worth watching in 2012.

Only available through subscription, you can catch up yourself at: 


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