New Year’s Resolution (Part 2)

Further to our New Year’s Resolution to catch up on some reading, we’re into the latest from PigeonBike Press: Gizmo by Rick Stansberger. Gizmo is a quieter affair than some of the more in-your-face work the press is becoming noted for. Stansberger delivers a long, episodic narrative poem built from an album of rural, turn-of-the-twentieth-century characters. He utilizes very loose free verse that is loyal to the moods and dialogue of the characters woven into the poem, rather than any hard and fast, predetermined lyric mode. That may not sound like a revolutionary concept, but underlining the main narrative is an edgier subtext about how technological progress is both an enabler of new wonders and destroyer of what we’ve long held precious. Stansberger’s measured approach makes for a subtly compelling work that only deepens the further you read.

As always, you can grab one at:


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  1. PigeonBike Press

    Great review and thanks to Domesday Notebook for the support of print.

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