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The Forest Review

Found on a hike. Simple, direct (ironic) one-line haiku.

Somewhat witty: but no Hanshan, that’s for sure.



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A Read of 1/25


#2, May 2013

16 pages

 1/25 is a bi-monthly literary journal that, as a whole, is as compact and punchy as each of the individual poems stabbing out of its compact pages.

 As a print-only publication (of 25 copies), that medium suits the message well. For Issue #2, sparse black and white artwork bookends stark, immediate poems from the likes of Kyle Hemmings, Gillian Prew, John Dorsey and others. This issue is a tight collection, linked by style – the work is mainly lyrical yet never indulgent – as well as dark imagery and cropped metrics that make brief statements that bump the reader along to the next poem quickly, while also allowing emotional impact to accumulate from each.

 Highlights include Scott Urban’s “Affirmation” that opens this issue with a symbolic yet very visceral (and a bit bloody) dissection of life, love and death, and Emella Loran’s “3am”, with its distillation of dysfunction through an almost hyper-pathetic fallacy of weather, chemicals and technological currents.

 Brief, sometimes brutal, but thoroughly impactful, 1/25 is best consumed all at once – it takes a short read, but leaves a lasting impression.

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