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More Than Fifty Reads of paperplates

paperplates has been an on-going literary concern for well-over a decade, and has earned esteem above its tag-line of a “A Magazine for Fifty Readers” for a number of reasons, including the scope of its potential appeal. This is not a lowbrow, highbrow, or middlebrow publication, nor one that can be tagged with the limp “general interest”. Each issue just simply contains a range of good reads, whether the pieces are pedagogical, theological or a bit more scatalogical.

The latest issue (vol. 8, no. 2) contains personal essays that are as accessible as, say, those on the Globe and Mail’s Facts & Arguments page, but that also take deeper dives into universal experiences (look at the witty and touching “Brownies or Jazz”). There are short stories that can echo at emotional depths (the upturned immigrant family-focus of “After everything”) or take the piss out of the literary culture itself (the slashing self-parody of “Cutting Edge”). There are poems that meditate with controlled lyrical reflection, while others are soaked in booze as they scrape the grit off the bottom of the ashtray at the end of the night.

Variety + quality provide the gravity here.

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